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ZEP 028701-12 BRAKE WASH aerosol

ZEP 028701-12 BRAKE WASH aerosol

Zep BRAKE WASH aerosol is a heavy duty solvent-cleaner – formulated to remove asbestos dust – oil – grease – brake fluid – and other soils from brake parts. Its use can minimize the concentration of airborne asbestos dust by wetting and washing dust away. It aids in meeting the OSHA standard for particulate asbestos. BRAKE WASH contains no chlorinated solvents – and it evaporates quickly – leaving no residue. It may be used on any type of brake equipment – assembled or disassembled: brake drums – wheel cylinders – master cylinders – disc pads – linings – return springs – power and vacuum assisted components – and all other metal brake parts. Zep BRAKE WASH is ideal for use on autos – trucks – trailers – campers – mobile homes and motorcycles. CAUTION: Extremely flammable liquid and vapor. Vapor may cause flash fire. Use with caution. Not available for sale in California.

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